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Dear Colleagues and friends,on behalf of the organizing committee,we are delighted to invite you to our “International Congress of Airway & Interstitial Lung Diseases” which will take place on November 14-16,2018,Mashhad,Iran. 
‎ ‎ Hosted in our home city of Mashhad,the second largest city in the North East of Iran. It is famous for the holy shrine of Imam Reza as well as Toos,the residence of Ferdowsi,the great Persian poet. The scientific program of conference will present the best in science and educational sessions in the fields of Airway disorders and Interstitial Lung Diseases from outstanding researchers.
‎ ‎ The meeting will try to exchange the knowledge and experiences between Pulmonary Medicine and other related disciplines in terms of Rheumatology,Radiology,Pathology,Occupational Medicine and Thoracic Surgery.‎ We are looking forward to welcome you in our historical and holy city of Mashhad.
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Khalil Ansarin,MD.
President of Congress
Davood Attaran,MD.‎
Scientific Secratery
Shahrzad Lary,MD.
Executive ‎Secratery
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Conference Topics

Airway diseases including: COPD,Asthma,Bronchiectasis,Cystic Fibrosis,Large airway diseases

 Interstitial Lung Diseases,Sarcoidosis,Connective tissue diseases-ILD,Lung involvement in systemic disorders

 Thoracic imaging in Airway & Interstitial Lung Diseases

 Pulmonary pathology in Airway & Interstitial Lung Diseases 

 Lung Transplantation